Family Business Omnichannel

Omnichannel for Family Business in 2021

5 April 2021

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization on a very large scale and has become a point of change in the behavior of the Indonesian people.

The habit of people who previously tended to be more fond of shopping at physical stores is currently forcing them to shop via online. Then how should offline businesses adapt to this sudden and significant change?

The answer is not Ecommerce, but Omnichannel.

What is omnichannel, what are its benefits, and what should family business practitioners do to take advantage of the omnichannel strategy? The full answer is in this article.


What is an Omnichannel?

Is integrating social media an omnichannel? Is making an online shop an omni channel?

Not! It is multichannel.

Omnichannel is an advanced stage of multichannel. Omnichannel is used so that buyers can keep up to date with product or service developments in real time.

This strategy makes it very easy for buyers to get information related to goods or services being sold. Whether it's via mobile, laptop, tablet, social media, virtual reality or a physical store.

Miraculously, when a prospective buyer has gathered information from a variety of sources to support their buying decision, then they decide to buy.

The difference between omnichannel and multichannel is the focus on the overall customer experience, not just the individual experience of the customer on each different channel.



A supermarket shop owner has an Instagram account complete with content. This shop owner integrates Instagram with the online store he has. Not only that, all social media channels are also connected to the online shop.

When Riza opened Instagram, she found an interesting item. However, the information is still incomplete. So, Riza opened an online supermarket store that is integrated with Instagram to find out the details and the amount of available stock. Because Riza wants to save money, she subscribes to the e-mail newsletter from the online shop to get further discounts. After feeling fit. Riza made a purchase transaction.

Riza can find out information about supermarket goods and stores from sharing channels. Supermarket shop owners can also find out what activities prospective buyers (customer journeys) are doing before deciding and buying goods.


So, as family business practitioners, what can you do to take advantage of this omnichannel strategy?

1. Opening and integrating various channels

If you still don't have social media channels, online shops, blogs and reviews, then now is the time for you to open them. But don't just open the channel (it will be multichannel), but integrate it with one centralized channel. So, as a family business owner, you can easily check stock items, check total sales, and further analyze marketing, sales and operations.

2. Make the right strategy

Marketing and sales strategies must be compatible with omnichannel use. The data collected from various sales channels can be used to measure the character and behavior of buyers. Not only demographics, but also buyer psychographics. From this data, the marketing team can build campaigns that can drive more sales. Why? Because right on target!

3. Bringing Experience!

As a family business owner, you have to start thinking that content experience is a customer experience at the earliest stage. Creating the right content on various social media channels builds the customer buying experience. Returning to Riza's story earlier, she only needed one click to move from one channel to another. In fact, Riza can also pick up items that have been purchased at physical stores.



Omnichannel is very useful for family businesses, whatever the industry. The impact can increase traffic and sales because we can know the customer journey and the character of the right buyer. On the buyer side, they can get an extraordinary experience. Business reputation increases. The opportunity for buyers to buy again has skyrocketed.

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Created by: Ghilman Amri