NetSuite Benefits

NetSuite Benefits

31 July 2020

NetSuite is the first solution that delivers a promise of intelligent, integrated and simpler applications for growing the midsize business due to the following reasons:

NetSuite is intelligent

All the corporate data can be held in one single database which will give access for the key performance metrics on a customizable and real time dashboard. It helps in quick decision making process.

NetSuite is integrated

It’s a single and powerful application. It also combines the complete customer facing CRM and an Ecommerce capability with a back-office Accounting/ERP and a self –service portals for the partners. This overall will allow the companies unite the fragmented data and automate all the end-to-end processes.

NetSuite is simple

NetSuite has made all the implementations faster and are less expensive than the traditional business applications. The modularity in this phase will help the implementations according to the needs of the company. Being a web-based on-demand solution, it will reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Advantages of NetSuite ERP:

1. Efficiency in the process across the organization
There are many key processes that are encountered in the daily operations like order management, fulfillment, invoicing, cash collection, expense approvals and financial consolidations are just to name a few. Automating such processes will reduce the hiring that you would require running these processes otherwise.

2. Improves visibility
To take decisions it is important to have a real-time visibility. Due to this information can be accessed from anywhere and anytime without wasting the resources on the data extraction. This has made all the processes accurate and faster.

3. Significant IT Time and Cost Savings
IT will no longer have to procure, install and maintain a lot of systems as there are various integrations in between. Reduction in the operational costs will be realized when the IT time will be used in improving the operations of the business.

4. Accelerated growth
With the help of this integrated software there can be an expansion to multiple locations and there can be additional sales channels which can be done faster because of the unified order and the accounting management processes and data. It also helps the company for upsell and cross-sell for better efficiency for the existing customers for an improved visibility.

5. User-driven innovation
As the process changes the implementations are done faster and daily business users are able to apply their functional expertise for tailoring the processes and the applications in a way that will help in improving the performance. In the mean time, IT will be liberated for focusing on the strategic initiatives that will add value by building innovative value-added solutions.

6. Extending the process to customers, suppliers and partners
Today everyone wants to work closely with their partner with an extended enterprise. It offers self service portals that will enhance both B2B and B2C collaboration. There are proactive notifications of partner-specific events that will accelerate the process cycles and improve the responsiveness that will ensure your position as a preferred partner.

7. Customizing and extending NetSuite with SuiteFlex
NetSuite is the world’s most customizable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Just click and not code and configure all the modular implementations and start your business. The advanced customization are simple, industry standard tools will allow you to tailor the business practices and the processes to meet your company centric requirements. This customization can be carried forward seamlessly with the upgrades which will actually encourage to customize NetSuite highly and create a software application which would be one-of-a-kind.


Why should you collaborate with PT. Themis Bizpro Integrasi?

There are a myriad of reasons why you should partner with us. We have listed down a few key reasons like:

1. We initiate as we understand all your objectives and deliver the functional scope
2. We analyze your business needs and develop a project work-plan according to that
3. We design with the help of Customization Solution Design & Integration Design as NetSuite addresses your business needs
4. We configure the NetSuite’s solution in a way that it adapts to your business
5. We validate the solution so that it is deployed easily
6. We deploy the solution and your business is now powered with NetSuite
7. We optimize, learn from the solution and move to the NetSuite support.


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